Random Confessions

I haven’t tried something new every month like I said I was…at least not intentionally.  I forgot.  I got busy.

I have been watching a lot of reruns of Castle…mostly because I’m fascinated by Kate Beckett’s hair. I love her hair. and Nathan Fillion.  But mostly her hair.

I have not been playing/practicing the guitar…I have used every excuse in the book. But mostly I’m just lazy.

I procrastinate.  Let me show you my wall after termites and leaky pipes had their way for months/years.  Don’t procrastinate.  It’s ugly.

Sometimes I wear multiple headbands wrapped around my wrist because I like that layered look of different textures and layers of bracelets but don’t want to spend the money on lots of bracelets….and I think I’m fooling people into thinking I’m actually wearing bracelets.

I have trouble handling stress.  It physically affects me.  Drags me down.

I have trouble giving up control.  Who doesn’t, right?! But sitting in the passenger seat while my teenager learns to drive, darn near gives me an anxiety attack every time.   On a positive note, it forces me to rely on Jesus. or I would explode… x_x

My job title has the word pastor in it now, yet I feel totally inadequate to live up to the expectation that comes with that word.  Totally. Inadequate.

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