Mind Clutter

Fractured thinking.  Mind clutter.  Mindless multi-tasking.  Ping-pong brain. Addiction to input. These are words and phrases that are popping out while I read 7: An Experimental Mutiny against Excess.

Stuff clutter is not really a problem for me.  I am a pitcher. The opposite of a hoarder.  I don’t get attached to things…emotionally or otherwise.   

My problem is mind clutter.   The constant barrage of noise and distraction that keeps me from completing a thought or a sentence.   That’s why I don’t post to this blog much because I never take the time to think things through to completion…much less process them externally in the form of a writing.  Concentration is virtually non-existent. 

With the introduction of the mobile phone and now the smart phone, I suddenly feel like I have to be always available.  Always responding to email, text, facebook messages, etc.  Am I really that important?!  The answer is no…nobody is.  Nobody is so important that their time shouldn’t be their own. (expect maybe the POTUS)

In fact, I’m fairly certain that before I finish typing this post, that something will pull me in a completely different direction.   It might be a text from one of my kids needing a ride somewhere, an email notification, the little (2) notification on the facebook tab of my browser, or any number of different distractions in my world.  

So, how do we re-learn to focus in this media-saturated world we live in??  Awareness is part of it, but certainly only a small part. I have been aware of the problem for quite a while now but nothing changes just because we recognize the need for change.   

I could schedule “thinking time”.  Right, who am I kidding?  I also have scheduled gym time, and then not gone to the gym.  I did take 30 minutes last night–turned off the tv and put in headphones and picked up a notebook.  It was great.  30 minutes turned in to an hour.  And then I turned on the tv and all was lost until I was too tired to do anything but fall asleep.  I’ll try for 30 minutes again today.  Maybe quiet will beget the need for more quiet. 


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