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Arizona sunsetI love colorful sunsets in Arizona, but that’s not where I live.  I’m an Oklahoman, born and raised.  My back patio makes me smile.  I recycle.  I loved reading to my kids when they were younger.   I hate being cold.  I’m teaching myself to sleep on my back, not my stomach.  I don’t like seafood or beans, but I love fruit.  I’m being transformed by the power of Christ to be full of grace and love. And, I can’t smell anything, ever.

I also visualize everthing I hear and I over-think things–to death…a strength…and a weakness.

I am giving my whole life to Jesus Christ.  He is my rock, my shelter, my provider, my comfort, my peace…the list goes on and on.  He is everything I’ve ever wanted and all I ever need.   Every desire that I’ve experienced, He satisfies.  My desires to be loved and loving, accepted and accepting, safe, secure, smart, funny, wanted, and cherished are all made complete in Jesus.   He is the Lord of my life, my Savior, my King.

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  1. Posted by Cari Powell on June 9, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    Dear CariKelley ( I’m not sure if that’s your name or what!),
    At first I only read your website because as you know, my name is also Cari. This was very unusual because I know many people named Cari, but they are usually spelled Carrie, Cary, etc. You’ll never know how surprised I was to figure out you were a Christian. I go to Bayou Vista Baptist Church down in Louisiana. Your website has been an inspiration to me of how to spread my faith, but I am not sure how to make one. Got any ideas?
    Your new friend,

  2. Posted by carikelley on June 9, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    Thank you for the kind words, Cari! Blogging is a great way to sort out thoughts and ideas and then share them with others. There are lots of different blog platforms…wordpress, blogspot, to name a couple. I use http://www.wordpress.com and you could too. Just log in and it walks you through the process. Be sure and send me the link when you get it up, I’d love to read it!

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