Why I Type

I write here–on the internet in an endless sea of blogs…some kept up and some forgotten…for two main reasons.

First, to remember.  It’s a journal of sorts, although I also keep spiral bound, hand-scribbled journals by my bed.  I love going back and reading posts from my past (I’ve been here blogging since 2008) and I want to have this record of my life, thoughts, doubts, fears, etc. for my kids to read someday–someday when they actually wanna know what I think. 😉

Second, to process.   Ideas, revelations, musings can easily get jumbled up in my head because of the rushing whirl of life that goes on around me everyday.  I have a need to lay them out, line them up in order, and make a complete word picture out of them.  There is no right and there is no wrong, it’s just my thoughts.

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