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Goin’ to Beauty School

I tried to hold out during my No Spend Challenge in February, but I just HAD to get a haircut!  I trimmed it myself a couple of times, but I was in need of professional help!  Well, sort of professional…I LOVE getting my hairs cut at a hair school in OKC.   Well, sort of love.  I love that the instructor wears a holster around his waist for his scissors.  A holster.  He’s cool.  He also put both of his hands on my wet head and said I have a perfect head shape.  I do.  You can touch it if you want to.  No, you can’t.

I’ve created a list of pros and cons for getting your hair done at a school in case you were considering it.


  • There is always accountability.  The student is accountable to the teacher and the teacher has the student looking on intently AND they’re all doing it out loud so that I can hear everything!
  • And I listen to every technical thing they say and then ask questions after the instructor leaves. “What’s the dif with all those different kinds of layers?”   “Why do you hold the hair when you cut it?”  “Why?” What?”
  • It qualifies me to cut my families hair, b/c I, in a sense, am going to hair school, right?  I mean, I’m there.  I listen to the instructor.  I pay.  They just make me go home and practice.  So, I’m qualified, ok?
  • and the number one reason I love it: It’s really cheap!  AND I save money by cutting everyone else’s hairs.  Double bonus!

Cons: (in the interest of fairness, I had to make this list too)

  • It takes twice or three times as long, b/c of all the checking and rechecking from the instructor.  That’s it really.
  • Oh, and when my fav students graduates, I have to find another student I like.  But, they’re a dime a dozen.
  • Sometimes the water is too hot or too cold and the chair is not in a comfy position when he/she is washing your hair.  This is a skill that obviously requires practice.

The pros outweigh the cons for me.  I’ll probably be opening up my own shop pretty soon.  I’ll let ya know.  Oh, and did I mention that my head shape is perfect?

No Spend Challenge-week 2

Wow, it’s been a busy week!  First a birthday, then some tornado excitement, Big SWITCH, the first guitar lessons, my laptop is in the computer hospital, and we’re finally to Friday!  Man, did I ever need a day off!  

Just to clarify on the “challenge”, there are, of course, many expenses (utilities, car pymnt, insurance, orthodontist, etc.) that are fairly fixed and can’t be controlled.  When I say “spend nothing” I’m really just talking about the expenses that are “controllable”.  I’m also not including money spent on gas.

I’m detailing my spending for my own benefit (and for Kevin’s in case he’s “creeping” –love ya, honey!)  😉

FYI: I did not replace the vacuum (as desired 😉 ) but took it to the shop where it took only $6.95 to unclog the hose and I cut my own hair (twice) to hold me for another couple of weeks!  Both very good solutions to last weeks “crisis”.

Thursday 2/5 $15 for that silly domain name I bought (live and learn)

Friday 2/6 $14.15 Aldi, $14.88 books for Cameron’s birthday, $26.67 Walmart for groceries

Saturday 2/7 $6.47 birthday balloons

Sunday 2/8 $26 Ice Skating

Monday 2/9 $8.28 Braums

Tuesday 2/10 $0  (this was “tornado” day–too much excitement to think about errands or groceries)

Wednesday 2/11 $1.43 Walmart

Thursday 2/12 $6.95 to fix vaccuum, $30 for 2 guitar lessons

Friday 2/13 $12.95 Pop’s (Special Vday surprise!), $44.06 Walmart

We also gave an undetermined amount of money to Cory for Double Wolf Dare Week at Santa Fe High School “for charity”.   It was approximately $35–there was money handed out nearly every day and I kinda lost track!  Assemblies, t-shirts, talent show admission…jeeesh.

For a total so far this month (almost half way there!) of variable expenditures $289.38. Wow, that seems like a lot, although we’re at less than half of what we ordinarily spend on groceries and cash.  

 Next week should be even easier b/c it doesn’t contain a birthday. or a school charity event.  those 2 things alone took just under $100 spent in a week!

Interesting…to me.

Decorating the Master Suite-After

Hours of HGTV, 3 cans of paint, new bedding (thanks, MOM!), some curtains, lamps, a ceiling fan, and wall art. and an entire Saturday, and Shazam!  Believe me, the camera could not capture the warmth and coziness of this transformed room.  I love it!

Decorating the Master Suite–Before

I watch a lot of HGTV, but still struggle with decorating.  I just don’t have the knack for it, bless my heart.   It’s hard to capture a whole room with one camera shot, so you may have to use your imagination a bit.  Here’s a before pic of the room.

Imagine white walls, white mini blinds, white doors, white ceiling fan, white trim…you getting the idea?  Now throw in some really old light colored bedding.  There you go.  That’s our room.  Nothing on the walls, no color.  Blah.  2 years of blah.  Time for action!

The joys of homeownership

Ah, the American Dream.   Owning your own home.  Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?   Maybe it depends on your house.  

A couple of hours of HGTV and I start resenting my own house.   “If only…” “the floors were different”, “the appliances were newer”, “the roof didn’t leak”, it didn’t have termites”, “the walls were painted”, blah, blah, blah…

Ok, done complaining.   Get to work.

So, now that the termites are eradicated, the stump in the front yard is coming out.  Yeah!  Next, the sprinkler system needs repair and then I’m off to start on the bedroom.   Now there’s a project that’s near and dear to my heart.   Remember, I have my chair in there now, and the new bedding we got (thanks, Mom!) doesn’t exactly match, but the chair stays.  Color on the walls, and the recessed ceiling, new ceiling fan, some decoration on the walls, maybe some curtains…it’s going to be beautiful!  and relaxing!  and peaceful!   Wouldn’t this make a great anniversary present to each other??  Oh, yeah.

My new chair

The coolest thing happened this weekend.    I got something that I’ve wanted for years….a comfy chair in my bedroom!  The bedroom is the perfect quiet spot in the house–away from traffic and the tv, but it’s hard to read or hold my lappy comfortably in bed.  Waa waa, I know.  Poor me.  And I’m way too cheap (or frugal) to make a purchase like that–so many better places to put my money–but, still I wanted a comfy chair.  For years, I tell ya.

So anyway, today we went to go see Kevin’s dad in Tulsa since they are moving out of state soon–and came back with a chair!  They just gave it to us!  For free!  I’m sitting in it right now.   I could sit here for hours, typing, reading, praying.  It’s quiet, it’s comfy.   It’s from God.  I’m pretty sure I just got blessed by God.  Maybe for my patience?  It sure feels like a blessing.  Did I mention it was free?!  Thanks, God.


They shape us.  They shape the way we respond.  Sometimes if your expectations are low, you can be pleasantly surprised.  Unfortunately, I don’t usually have this problem.   My expectations are often unrealistically high.  Which leads, of course, to unmet expectations.  Which leads to feelings of anger, frustration, and disappointment.   Usually at my husband or my kids.   Does control, or lack thereof, play into it? 

So, how do I adjust my expectations without “selling short”?  

What did Jesus expect from his disciples?  At the very least, he expected them to believe him…and often they didn’t even do that.   Did he get angry?  Yeah, sometimes.  Hmm…

No answers today, just questions.


Quote of the Day

I think we ought to read only books that bite and sting us. If the book we are reading doesn’t shake us awake like a blow on the skull, why bother reading it in the first place? . . . A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.      Franz Kafka

I can’t say that I entirely agree with Kafka.  There is such a thing as reading for enjoyment and entertainment.  But, there is value to reading things that challenge our thinking.   Even if I don’t agree, I like to read things that make me think about something in a whole new way.  I’m always dying for a book that is “the axe for the frozen sea within me”.  Something that shakes me awake.   I love the way Donald Miller and Angela Thomas think and write.  Each takes the ordinary and familiar and turns it over to look at it in a whole new way.  I’m not usually one to do this on my own without outside inspiration–so I look for outside inspiration alot. 

It’s the same reason I read blogs.  I even read blogs I don’t entirely understand–just looking for inspiration.  Trying to see things in a new light.

Speaking of which, I’m off to read an “assigned book” that hopefully will turn out to be another “axe”.  Fusion.

Our retirement home

My future home  I would absolutely love to live here!  It has a green house, and a pool!  Doesn’t get any better than that.  and so much outdoor space!   As for the location of this beautiful, colorful, modular home….either Gatlinburg, TN, or Payson, AZ.  Oh, yeah…

We’ll have at least 1 “guest trailer”, so plan to visit!


When I think of the word, theming, it makes me think of the hours my husband and kids have spent building virtual themeparks on Roller Coaster Tycoon–theming is a big part of that.   Making it look and feel a certain way.  It’s in the details.  I like the details.   So, the thought of creating a blog is intimidating–so many details…what will it look like, what will I call it, what will I say?  What if I change my mind about what I like?   I can’t even stick with a font for my email signature!  So, green grass is my theme.  Will it last? or will I change my mind about the way I want it to look?  

One reason I love God so much, is that He’s constant.  Never changing.  James 1:17 says “he does not change like shifting shadows.”