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Whole30 Finished–update

I did it!

Actually I finished 5 days ago, but I’ve been having trouble getting around to this blog post.  30 days with absolutely no added sugar, no legumes (no peanut butter!!), no grains of any kind, and no dairy!  No processed foods at all. The first 3 weeks were a challenge, especially with Thanksgiving in there, but the last week was easy-breezy.   Once I got the hang of the menus, the cooking routine, and past the cravings it really seemed almost effortless.

Even now, five days after Day 30, I’m still eating generally the same things.  It’s just a relief to be ABLE to eat other stuff, even if I don’t WANT to.  I have added one or two things back a day–in very small amounts–with no ill effects.   I’m watching my face like a hawk, checking for hints of a oncoming break out…nothing yet.  But there is a lot still to “test”…peanut butter, soy, wheat, for example.

Sorry to say that my neck still hurts…it may be a smidgeon better, but still hurts, tweaks, and twinges.   My head definitely feels clearer and my energy level is excellent.  I had been at a weight loss plateau for months, but I lost a total of 9 pounds in 30 days, putting me at 121…I don’t remember when I last weighed 121—maybe when I was a teen?! It is nice to be able to SEE the muscles I’ve been working on at the gym for the past 2 years. 🙂

The subtitle to the book It Starts with Food is “Discover the Whole 30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways”.   Well, it’s waaaaaaaay to early to tell if I’ve changed my life in the long term, but things are definitely different in the short term!  I’m so excited to be off of that daily acne medicine!!

Was it easy? NO.  Was it worth it?  YES. A hundred times YES!

Live in the Moment

Darn, Netflix.  You steal so much time.   But I love watching tv shows–back to back episodes with no commercials.  Season after season, without waiting for months to pass.

I recently watched  a series I had never heard of before called Life. Based on my enjoyment of crime dramas, Netflix recommended it, and they were right…I liked it.

The main character was a detective who was released from prison after being wrongfully convicted and serving 12 years.  He had to constantly be reminded to stay present in the moment. His mind would wander…

How often does that happen to me?  A LOT.  In addition, I know I’m not the only one who whips out my iPhone when I see a beautiful sunset or other picture worthy scene.   My effort to capture the moment for future enjoyment, prevents me from living fully in the moment NOW.

So, I’m trying to be more intentional about taking time to just live in the now…to pause and enjoy today.  Which would probably involve less Netflix watching.  *insert eye roll here*

Friday Foto Fun

So maybe I’m stretching it a bit on the “fun”, but it is Friday.  and there are fotos….well, photos. We begin today with the obligatory self portrait that we are all getting used to now, or should be….I wanted to show you how ridiculous my hair looks in the morning. Today I had a rooster tail thingy on top.    and yes, I often go out in public–well, the gym–like that.   No shame.  No pride.  Clearly, since I just posted it on the interwebs.


Today, though, I headed straight into the living room to see Shaun T! (I don’t know why he’s called “Shaun T”—is his last name a secret?! Hey wait, Shaun T sorta rhymes with insanity…maybe that’s it)  Insanity is crazy, awesome hard, and I love it, love it, love it! Max interval training. Intense. Funny thing is, if I don’t vacuum the living room carpet before I start, there’s enough dog hair down there to keep me from collapsing onto the floor.  It’s the only thing that keeps me not dead.  Now, granted, I’m only just starting week 2, but I’m already feeling a difference.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  Here’s a shot of my tv with Shaun T already jogging it out.


As soon as Shaun T was done yelling and encouraging me in the living room, Cam breezed out of her room, ready to go to the gym, with Abbey waiting at her house to be picked up. Ahh! But I’m a champ so I grabbed a some water and a chocolate protein muffin and headed out to find a beautiful sunrise.  This picture doesn’t quite do it justice though.  Did you remember that Friday is my day off work.  Yeah.  No rest for the weary.   and remember that rooster tail from earlier??  Oh dang, it’s crazy now.


Enough of that business, Cory looks a little different now. He got a trim.  Haha. That was a LOT of hair.  Look though…same shirt.  Somebody wanna hire him??  Please??


I made this Snickerdoodle cookie dough dip out of chick peas, almond butter, oats and a few other ingredients.  It’s yummy amazing. Delicious.  Plus protein, fiber goodness. Great with apples, crackers, a spoon.  There’s also Chocolate Chip Cookie dough dip from the same website that’s killer.  You should seriously try this.  Seriously. Now. Try it.


Then what do you after a morning like that and a whole day of shopping with your teen-aged girl???  Go to Smashburger! More yum.


Friday is almost over and I’m trying to watch a DVR’d episode of the Finder with Cory, so I guess that’s enough for now.  I think maybe I’ll start calling these types of posts, “Slice of Life”.   Or maybe “Food I Ate Today”.  Perhaps I’ll put it to a vote.  Later.

My Funeral Music of Choice

2 1/2 years ago I attempted to write my own eulogy..complete with some details on the actual “service”.  Who does this?!  I don’t know, but I had recently been to a funeral, and, as it usually does, it got me thinking about what my funeral would look like, what people would say, etc.

If you want to read what I attempted for my eulogy, the first attempt is here and the second is here.  If you don’t click over to read, you’re not missing much…anyway, one other detail I’d like to add for the service is the music.    I’ve never really had a favorite song for very long.  I’m sure there are some songs that I could hear and say “Oh, I’ve always LOVED that song!!” but I can never think of them off the top of my head.

One band that I have loved consistently and increasingly over the last 10 years is Switchfoot. 9-10 albums full of songs with lots of deep meaning, some confuse the heck out of me, and lots of minor chords, aka a bit of a melancholy sound at times.  Lead singer Jon Foreman notes “we try to make music for thinking people. Music has always opened my mind—and that’s what we want”.   I think that’s why I don’t get tired of their songs…they keep my mind engaged.

I have a few specific song choices, Afterlife or Where I Belong or Gone or Burn Out Bright, for example, but really, anything will do.

This would only apply if I die in the next 10-20 years or so….subject to change I suppose.   Will I still like the same music when I’m 60?  70? 80?  Maybe I should ask some 60-80 year olds to see if they do.

Working Out with Intention

To avoid getting bored when I work out, I’m always looking for something new to do and I like to have some specific plan or program to follow. There  is no random, willy-nilly-ness to my exercise routine.  I told you a little about that last year, here…wait, 2 years ago…wow, time flies.   For example, since we are attending the midnight Hunger Games premiere this week, today we (me and my workout buds–all teenaged girls, btw!) started a “Hunger Games Inspired” workout.   It was really tough, and now I’m pretty sure if I was thrown into an arena with people who wanted to kill me I wouldn’t be the first to go, so that’s a relief.

2 weeks ago I found  “Lose a size in 2 weeks” plan and dove right in.  It was tough–6 day/week cardio and alternating strength workouts.  The results are in as of this morning and I have lost ***drumroll please*** 1 pound!  1.  One.  Yep…1.   Now, I know that the pounds on the scale are NOT the end all when we are talking about getting fit….”muscle weighs more than fat, blah blah”.  I measure myself regularly too, and I did lose almost a whole inch in my hips, so that’s good….nothing anywhere else, except maybe my fingers—my wedding ring is annoyingly loose now.

Next week, I’m sure I’ll be on to something new–I already have some ideas in mind.  More and more I’m believing that “exercise” has become a lifestyle habit, and not just something I do for a little while like in the past.  But, I’m always on guard for the waning interest that has been the norm in the past…

Emotions-Can You Fake ’em?

Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion.” Meg Ryan in that movie where she goes to Paris to chase after her ex-fiancé.

I’m one of those people who you can read like a book. If I’m happy, you’ll know it. If I’m confused, it’s written all over my face. If I’m mad, oh yeah, you’ll know it. That’s a good thing, right? I’m true. I’m real. I’m authentic. I’m transparent.

But I think it’s not always good. I know that sometimes when I’m angry–just for illustration purposes, let’s say I’m mad at my teenaged son–it does NOT help the situation for me to show anger. It communicates disapproval and disappointment. Which maybe I am, but my feelings are not the issue that needs to be dealt with or focused on. I read this several weeks ago and it stuck with me, even though I’m having trouble putting it into practice.

The anger of a parent confronted with a child’s poor choice shifts the focus from the child’s bad behavior to the parent’s angry response. Replace anger with empathy and see what happens. Responding to disobedience with empathy rather than anger is difficult, but the reward is great.

from Day 3 of the Parenting by Design devo on YouVersion.

Right. Empathy. Right. So….how exactly does that look?!

Mom: Well, hello, son. I see you are 20 minutes later than you said you’d be.

Son: Oh…sorry.

Mom (Option 1): Sorry?!? You’re sorry!?! You better be because I’ve been sitting here waiting and now I’m going to be really tired tomorrow! You bet you’re sorry, because now you’re grounded!!

Mom (Option 2): I can see that. I’m sorry that you couldn’t make it when we asked. Next time you go out you will have to make up that time. You’ll have to come home 20 minutes earlier than normal.

Yeah, I can see that would be a better response for parents who set firm rules and consequences (which we SUCK at). And also I know that…

human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. (James 1:20 NIV)

Now I just have to figure out how to either not be mad–or hide it convincingly. Probably the former is more effective, although more difficult to achieve. Only complete reliance on God can bring about a miracle of this magnitude.

It was Friday again

It was Friday again.   Happens every week, I suppose. And it’s my only full day off work.   It’s also that special day I get to spend with Cameron.  I’m soooo glad we pulled her out of public school.  She’s 15 and time is racing by.   She’s happy.  She’s learning. and she’s a part of a great group of kids.  and most importantly, her relationship with Christ is growing and thriving.

Enough of that. Here’s another glimpse into the mundane, with a splash of … well… ordinary.

First a trip to the gym with Cameron and Abbs.  We are doing a program we found on Pinterest called “Lose a Size in 2 weeks”.  Riiiiight.  Really, I just wanted a change in my exercise routine. And I’m not gonna lie, the thought of losing that last 5 lbs was creeping at the edges of my brain.  I’ll let you know next week if it worked—although it’s probably for people who have more to lose than we do.  If nothing else, we are learning some great core and strength moves to add to our repertoire.  Here we are getting ready to do the “strength training A” exercises (cardio already finished up!).


Cameron and I went back to the zoo to take a few more pictures.  She’s looking for a picture to blow up and hang in her room.  Here’s one I took of the Redbud’s blooming.  It was a gorgeous day and there was hardly anyone at the zoo.  I took a picture of myself again (right before my haircut, of course).





A quick trip out to Pop’s for a bottle of Pepsi–original glass bottle for Cory’s birthday.  If you’ve never been to Pop’s it’s worth a stop next time you’re in the area.  100’s of different kinds of bottled soda and the best onion rings in the state!  and this really cool landmark–a giant soda bottle–that lights up at night!!  It’s a little ways out of town up route 66, but I like the drive.  I actually left Edmond twice today and I didn’t get lost once–well sort of…but I made it!


Who doesn’t love the fabulous Chick Fil A chargrilled chicken sandwich sans bread for lunch??  Delicious. Delicious protein.