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My Funeral Music of Choice

2 1/2 years ago I attempted to write my own eulogy..complete with some details on the actual “service”.  Who does this?!  I don’t know, but I had recently been to a funeral, and, as it usually does, it got me thinking about what my funeral would look like, what people would say, etc.

If you want to read what I attempted for my eulogy, the first attempt is here and the second is here.  If you don’t click over to read, you’re not missing much…anyway, one other detail I’d like to add for the service is the music.    I’ve never really had a favorite song for very long.  I’m sure there are some songs that I could hear and say “Oh, I’ve always LOVED that song!!” but I can never think of them off the top of my head.

One band that I have loved consistently and increasingly over the last 10 years is Switchfoot. 9-10 albums full of songs with lots of deep meaning, some confuse the heck out of me, and lots of minor chords, aka a bit of a melancholy sound at times.  Lead singer Jon Foreman notes “we try to make music for thinking people. Music has always opened my mind—and that’s what we want”.   I think that’s why I don’t get tired of their songs…they keep my mind engaged.

I have a few specific song choices, Afterlife or Where I Belong or Gone or Burn Out Bright, for example, but really, anything will do.

This would only apply if I die in the next 10-20 years or so….subject to change I suppose.   Will I still like the same music when I’m 60?  70? 80?  Maybe I should ask some 60-80 year olds to see if they do.

Bryan Adams-best balladeer EVER

Who didn’t love Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood?  and the memorable Bryan Adams tune that brought the story to it’s rewardingly, swooning end??  Go on, sing it with me if you know it….Don’t telllllll me, it’s not worth tryin fooorrrr….. can’t telllllllll me it’s not worth dyin forrrrrrr….. You know it’s true, dun dun dun, everything I dooooooo, dun dun dun, I do it forrrrr yooooouuuuuu!

Such a good song.  and a good movie.  Mary Elizabeth Mastrionotonio, or whatever her name is, had THE best hair.  If I didn’t have this weird “affliction” candidly written about here and here, I’d totally watch it again right now.  and then I’d probably watch it again. and again.  and then again, ff’ing to the “good” scenes…you know, the ones filled with strong love and longing emotions…hmm..  where was I?  sorry…back to the song.

Everything I Do.  Everything.  I do it for you (GOD).  Is it all for God?  I want my answer to be wholehearted YES.  The Message, a paraphrase of the Bible, says in Romans 12:1:

Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.

all that regular stuff I do…you mean, I can offer that to God? and he will consider that worship?  Cool.  Worship is often a confusing word…how do I worship?  what does that look like?  I like the simplicity of that verse.

One definition of worship is ardent devotion or the expression of such devotion.   So I can express my love and worship for God by simply considering Him when I do EVERYTHING.  I’m on it.

What kind of music is God’s favorite?

I walked by Cory’s room the other night and heard the most awful noise coming from his room.   The guttural screaming was almost unbearable to these 40 year old ears.  Does my child actually enjoy listening to scream-o music?  What have I done??  I’ve failed as a parent.  just kidding. but, really…it’s awful.

I knocked on his door and went in to sit on his bed.  I joked a little about his music choice. Actually, truth be told, I asked him where he got that “devil music”.  ha.  it was a joke.  He didn’t appreciate it.  He insisted that it was “Christian” music, and I laughed and said “how would you know?  you can’t even understand them”.

A couple of minutes later, he called me over to the computer–he wanted me to read the lyrics of the song he’d been listening to.  Here they are, from August Burns Red.

Pretty good stuff.  If you’d like to actually hear them, here’s the link to the song on youtube. Click and listen if you dare.

I trust in you for life to live, and air to breath.
Purity fills my lungs.
I no longer live in solitude.
No longer bound.
My heart beats with great devotion.
This is the start to a new beginning.
On my knees praying for mercy.
Hands raised high, humble and broken. Wanting your grace.
Wanting your security.
Memories of laying facedown, motionless, with such a hollow feeling inside.
Soon I would end this life I was living.
I am just a man with a heart and sinful hands.
I am a fallen victim.
Lord, show me the way. I ask of you Father, let my words be your words.
Let my thoughts be your thoughts.
To you, I give my praise.
Show me the way. Take me in your arms. Never let me go.
Lord, show me the way, as I give myself to you.
Never let me go.
Hold me with your everlasting love.

So, sorry, Cory.    I suppose any music style that praises God and speaks to believers is something I can’t argue with.   Just please don’t make me listen to it, k?  Love ya, bud!

I Think I Love You!

My cousin mentioned a Shaun Cassidy concert from eons ago, which got me thinkin’…strollin’ down memory lane.    I did have his records, and esp. liked the album cover for Under Wraps (visually stimulating, huh…), the yellow t-shirt from the concert with his pic on it.

Shaun Cassidy Under Wraps But, crazy enough, yes…it’s crazy…I am still hooked on one particular song that his brother, David, recorded with his “other” family.  I wish I could find a better video to showcase this song, but here it is….don’t be afraid to sing along!

Save me

Hosanna. Hosanna means “save” or “save us”.

Heal my heart and make it clean

Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me

Break my heart from what breaks yours
Everything I am for your kingdoms cause

More than anything else on this earth I need God to save me.  To be Hosanna to me.  I passionately pray the words to this song.  Heal my heart, make it clean.  Open my eyes, show me how to love.  Break my heart.

I love this song. and I can say with absolute confidence and complete sincerity today that I love God.   LOVE God!  Can’t wait to spend time with Him.  He is the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing I think about before I drift off to sleep.   I want to know Him more and more.    Thank you, God for showing me how to LOVE you.  I knew you could do it. 🙂

All I want for Christmas

You know what lights me on fire?  You wanna hear what makes me really mad?  I hate hearing someone say “we’re not going to be able to have Christmas this year, b/c ____ (fill in the blank)”.  WHAT?!!  WHAT?!  What does that mean “not going to have Christmas”?!?  It means we won’t be able to buy presents for our kids.  We won’t be able to buy stuff for everyone.  So, does that mean you won’t have Christmas?!?  (This should probably be in all caps, b/c I’m typing really hard and my inner voice is screaming!)  Can somebody give me an amen?!  <<deep breath>>

Can we “have Christmas” without the presents?  Yes.  It’s about the savior of the world coming to live and die on this earth to save us.  I’m pretty sure we can acknowledge that without giving the latest gadget to our kid or a robe and slippers to our mother-in-law!

I am in one of the “lucky” families who will get to have Christmas–i.e. my kids will get presents.  They don’t need anything.  they really don’t.  They have more than most kids in the world.  My mission this coming year is to prepare my kids to do Christmas differently.  It’s too late this year–we’ve already given them their presents—a week and a half early.   I didn’t want Christmas day to be about that.

I just watched this video b/c someone I love sent it to me and it has completely messed me up!.  God’s been doing something inside me for a while now and this is it.

Give me your eyes, part 2

Sometimes I’m like the guy in this video.  So self-focused and self-absorbed.  So critical of other people. Not considering their feelings, struggles, or pain.   That’s why I’m asking God to let me see people through His eyes.  This video says it all.  Watch it.  Let it sink in.

Give Me Your Eyes

This song by Brandon Heath is my current favorite and I’m literally Praying it when I listen.  Here’s an excerpt:

Give me your eyes for just one second
Give me your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me your love for humanity
Give me your arms for the brokenhearted
The ones that are far beyond my reach
Give me your heart for the one’s forgotten
Give me your eyes so I can see

So often I get caught up in myself–(and can become “discombobulated”!).  The only way out is to cling to something bigger than me.  God is definitely bigger than me.  This song starts out with a big picture look at the world —the familiar shock of confusion and chaos, all those people going somewhere, why have I never cared?

Why?  Because I don’t look at people through God’s eyes.  To see the insecurity, fear, pain–how would we treat people if we could look at them all the time through His eyes…

I noticed I keep switching pronouns–I/we.  It’s because I own this, this is me at times, but I know I’m not alone.

Lord, give us your eyes.

An Everlasting God

You know how you can hear the same thing over and over, and then one day…it becomes real?  Tonight during worship, we were singing about God being the Everlasting God.   I realized that all else fades away.  Everything I have here on this earth will dissappear.  None of it matters.  But God is Everlasting.   Everlasting!   The same tomorrow and in 100 years as He is today.

Ok, I’ve probably known this before, but it felt very real tonight.  Very true and very new.